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Using FunDay App, Parents Can Now Have Personal Travel Itineraries

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

Let's imagine the following scenario: you have been planning a family trip for quite some time and the date of the trip has arrived. Your kids are super excited about the flight and the bragging rights about having an awesome vacation, but most of the time, the fun stops there or, best case, a few days after the trip starts.

You, the parent (or a.k.a. the one to blame for the trip’s failure), is a stranger to the place you are all going. While trying to plan a trip, you used different resources and asked different people about what things you and your family can do. People provided their own suggestions, things that they enjoyed doing with their own family, and you prepared a list based on their feedback.

Guess what? Any such list is a failure from the start! Here’s why. Kids have different interests and enjoy doing different things. Moreover, you as the parent, like to travel with your family in your own way. You know a lot about what best makes everyone happy based on past experiences.

I call it the "Family DNA of Fun". Every family has its own mix of preferences that makes them excited and engaged during the trip. It’s about the unique interests of each of the family members, where they like to stay during the trip, what they like to eat, what they want to buy, when to take a break in the hotel, and much more.

And we wanted to solve this problem for parents and help them to create great travel plans and amazing experiences. We created an app that identifies the parameters that make great trips for each family and uses them to suggest relevant activities, experiences and full day itineraries.

So let's dig into how we do it. It starts by downloading the app from either the app store (iOS devices) or Google Play Store (Android devices).

The first screen you see in the app is your feed, welcoming you to the app and provides you quick access to many of our features. The feed is dynamic and changing daily.

Right away, easily add your family members to get personalized recommendations. For each child, you can add up to 10 preferences that bring the maximum enjoyment, for example "Play VR games" or "Play laser tag". We have the basic 8 categories (Plan, Explore, Learn, Watch, Do Sports, Challenge, Shop and Eat) and then for each of them, many more sub-categories.

Continue adding all your children. This step is important. Since you want us to find experiences that are relevant for your family members. For the purposes of the post, I added my three kids: Lia, Ethan and Emma, including their ages and their preferences.

After entering the preferences of your children, the app starts to match relevant activities.

When you first click on a specific activity, if the activity is matched to one of your kids preferences, you will see the kid profile image on the screen to let you know that there is a match. In the example below, you can see that Lia and Ethan may like to play Arizona Sunshine at VR World, an awesome VR gaming space in midtown Manhattan.

In the feed, new sections will appear with suggestions for each of your kids that are customized to the kids' preferences. In the example below, you can see sections with suggestions for Emma and Lia.

When you use the advanced search tool, you can select any of your children to quickly find matches.

FunDay is matching activities not only based on the preferences of the individual children, but also based on all family members. Our AI-powered algorithms matches activities based on various parameters, such as family members' preferences, their age, and the parents preferences and engagement to family experiences. The more you visit and interact, these recommendations will continue to be refined.

We also create and adjust full day itineraries based on the preferences and favorite types of activities that you entered for your family members. This means that parents will have their own personal day plans in a matter of seconds. There are literally millions of different combinations of fun day plans generated by our AI-powered algorithms and can be added to the parents FunDay account based on the input from the parents themselves.

With the FunDay app, you have a great starting point to plan your perfect trips. We started with New York City and we already have thousands of parents using the app to plan their trips and create lasting memories. And there are more destinations coming soon!

Download FunDay to start planning your family trips.

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