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Introducing: FunDay's New Feed

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

FunDay’s new feed was released last week, helping parents to discover new activities even faster. FunDay is aiming to help parents around the world easily plan trips and family days in New York City, and more destinations will arrive soon. Thousands of parents are already using the app, exploring, and searching activities based on unique family attributes. How cool is it to search by categories such as: “fly into the sky” or “challenge your mind”? We have hundreds of different categories that aim to help parents to search and to be matched by their kids' preferences.

In our latest build released last week, we re-designed our own explore tab with the purpose of helping parents to find the latest and most exciting activities right when they open the app. But we didn’t stop there. The feed was built in a way that it notifies parents of upcoming events, new discounts and new day schedules in the city, all content is matched based on the family members preferences, ages, and more.

After the release, right away, we noticed that the engagement metric of new users jumped to new levels, doubling the previous average engagement time. And by monitoring how parents are engaging with activities in their feed, we can help local businesses to optimize their services and increase their revenue.

Download the FunDay app and start planning your own family experiences.

FunDay is available in the App Store and Google PlayStore.

To read more about the FunDay app, you can read our introductory blog article about the app.

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