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Best 3 Family-Friendly Attractions in New York City

Updated: Jan 10

Every parent wants to have a memorable and fun time with their kids. New York City is the perfect destination for a family trip, with its many activities and attractions.

New York City is home to some of the most iconic landmarks in the world. As well as museums, parks, and other kid-friendly locations like Broadway theaters and Central Park that are perfect for your kids to explore.

Here are our top 3 destinations for a super fun, interactive experiences.

1. Sloomoo Institute

The 150-foot "Do It Yourself" bar is a large space filled with different containers of slime ingredients. The children are given the opportunity to make their own slime and take it home with them.

They will be able to pick from the different containers of slime ingredients and add them to the container they want. They can mix and match whichever colors or textures they want, giving them a chance to create their own unique slime.

There are many benefits that come with this DIY experience. For one, children get an opportunity to learn about science and experiment by mixing together various ingredients in order to create their very own slime! This is also an excellent way for parents or guardians to bond with their children and have fun while doing so.

But Sloomoo Institute is more than just an awesome place to make your own slime. Your kids will be able to make art with slime, they will be able to aim and shoot slime at their friends and family (well, they will be protected, don’t worry), or even walk on slime. (Super relaxing for the feet!)

The experience is one of a kind in the city and kids who love slime, will not want to leave the place. Guaranteed!

2. The Spyscape museum

An amazing and interesting experience where your kids will learn how to be a spy. Yes, a spy! SPYSCAPE is a contemporary experiential museum in New York City which aims to inspire people to discover their own superpowers through spy and superhero narratives and experiences.

The museum is located on the top floor of the building with a glass façade and a 360-degree view of Manhattan. The museum is designed for kids, adults, and families. It has interactive exhibits that are designed to be fun and engaging for children, but also have educational value for adults.

The SPYSCAPE experience can be summed up in three words: interactive, immersive, and innovative.

3. Summit One Vanderbilt

After having lunch in midtown, and doing some shopping and sightseeing, the last stop is going to Summit One Vanderbilt.

There, you emerge into a boundless, structureless world, one with its own relationship to physics and time. The experience is interactive and playful, as you connect physically to the space.

Sweeping views of New York are ready to greet you from the open-air terrace and indoor lounge, perched in the skies above Manhattan.

About FunDay:

FunDay is an app where you can enter your family preferences and find activities that everyone in your family would love. It’s an app that was developed by parents for parents to help them to plan family trips with ease. Download Funday and start exploring with your family!

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