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What's FunDay?

FunDay is the quickest way to build a travel plan for your next family adventure while having peace of mind that the plan is suitable for your kids, doable, and full of fun.

Ever felt that overwhelming sense of uncertainty when planning a family trip to a new city? You're not alone. Questions like "Is it suitable for my kids?" and "Will they have fun?" can really weigh on your mind. With the vast array of options available, sifting through numerous websites, reviews, and recommendations to find the perfect fit can feel like a daunting challenge. From checking age appropriateness to ensuring the activities align with the kids’ interests, the process often requires meticulous research and careful consideration.

FunDay makes planning easy and fun, and more importantly, gives parents peace of mind.


Here's how it works:


  1. We offer a simple starting point for your trip planning. It has a pool of itineraries that were prepared by us or published by other parents. You can then select one of the itineraries and easily customize it to your own family needs.

  2. Forget about blindly trusting random ratings from strangers. We show you activities based on real feedback from other parents who have traveled with kids the same age as yours – not just random suggestions. What's more, we understand that every child is unique. Just complete a short questionnaire about your kids' personalities and interests, and we'll match you with tailored experiences we're sure your kids will love.

  3. Worried about mistakes in your itinerary, such as including activities that your kids are too young to attend? Don't be. We'll make sure your itinerary is doable, error-free, and packed with a lot of fun.

Planning a trip to New York, Paris, or London? Start planning with FunDay today.

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Customization of our travel itineraries for your own travel needs


Planning your family trip has never been simpler!

There are three ways:

  1. Explore a variety of expertly crafted itineraries on our website, developed by our team of experts, by visiting this page

  2. Additionally, discover itineraries shared by other parents using this link.

  3. If you prefer to create a custom itinerary from scratch, you can start right away using the create itinerary page.

Enjoy planning your perfect family adventure!

1. What are the different ways to start my own itinerary?


2. How can I add a new activity to my itinerary?

When you navigate to the itinerary builder page, if you've utilized one of the templates as a starting point, you'll find all the activities listed for each day. Here, you have the flexibility to reorder, remove, or include new activities.

In the "Add Activities" section, there are five methods to discover and incorporate new activities into your itinerary:

  1. Adding our recommended activities: we tailor suggestions based on trip dates and your children's preferences to propose activities they'll likely enjoy.

  2. Adding activities by tags: we've curated numerous child-friendly tags to facilitate relevant activity discovery.

  3. Adding activities by area and/or category: you can explore activities within specific neighborhoods (for geographical organization) or filter by category (to align with specific activity types).

  4. Adding activities by name: if you're aware of a particular activity and wish to include it in your itinerary, you can search and add it directly.

  5. Lastly, you can add activities from your saved list of activities.


3. Can I change the order of the activities?

Absolutely! You have multiple options for rearranging your itinerary. You can utilize the up and down arrows beside each activity to shift them earlier or later in your schedule. Furthermore, you can also move an activity by one day up or down if needed.

Question 4

4. Can I switch one activity for another?

Absolutely! By clicking on the wizard icon next to each activity, you can swap it for another alternative within the same area and of the same type as the original activity. Please note that the icon will be unavailable if no alternative activities are available.

Question 5

5. Can I remove an activity?

Certainly! You can remove any activity from the itinerary by clicking on the remove icon located next to each activity. However, please be aware that this action cannot be undone. If you wish to include the activity again, you'll need to locate and add it from the 'add activity' section.

Question 6

6. Is there any limitation for the number of days in my itinerary?

Yes. The maximum number of days for one itinerary is 8 days.


7. How do I save my itinerary for future access?

Each itinerary you create on our website is automatically saved to your account. You can access all your saved itineraries by navigating to the 'Saved Itineraries' page. You can find the link on the city homepage and in the menu bar of your profile.


8. Why I need to enter the trip dates and the family members coming to the trip?

By entering these details, we ensure the validity of your itinerary. This allows us to tailor the activities to suit you and your family, ensuring they are suitable for your family, age-appropriate, and accessible during your travel period.


9. If I can’t find an activity, can I include my own?

Absolutely! You have the option to add any activity not currently listed in our database. Once added, the activity will be incorporated into your itinerary. We'll be automatically notified and will review the activity and ensure it includes all relevant details.


10. What is the purpose of the itinerary summary?

Absolutely! You have the option to add any activity not currently listed in our database. Once added, the activity will be incorporated into your itinerary. We'll be automatically notified and will review the activity and ensure it includes all relevant details.

Validating your itinerary and sharing it with our community

11. How do I validate my itinerary?


While on the itinerary builder page, you can validate your itinerary at any time by clicking on the 'Validate My Itinerary' button. This prompts us to review your itinerary and provide feedback. We'll flag the following errors:

  1. If any day lacks activities, we'll raise an error, prompting you to add activities to the empty day.

  2. If an activity in your itinerary is seasonal, and your travel date doesn't align (e.g., scheduling a winter activity for summer), we'll raise an error.

  3. Conversely, if a seasonal activity is scheduled for a time when it's not available (e.g., scheduling a summer activity for winter), we'll flag an error.

  4. If an activity isn't age-appropriate for your children, we'll raise an error.

  5. We'll also alert you if the itinerary has missing information about your children.

12. Can others see my itinerary?


By default, your itinerary is private and only visible to you. However, once you've completed your itinerary, you have the option to make it public. On the 'View Itinerary' page, you can request to share your itinerary with your family, friends, and our community to gather feedback on your plans.

When you request to make your itinerary public, it undergoes a review process by our team before approval. If we find any issues, we may reject the request, and your itinerary will return to its private state. You'll be notified of the reason for rejection.

You can switch your public itinerary back to private at any time, and the change is immediate. Please note that once your itinerary is private again, it won't be visible to anyone. However, users who saved your itinerary as a starting point for their own plans will still have access to their versions and can share them.

13. How can I delete my itinerary, and does it affect others if it was public?


You can delete any of your itineraries, whether they're public or private, directly from the 'My Itineraries' page.

If you delete a public itinerary, it will no longer be accessible to anyone.

However, users who saved your itinerary as a starting point for their own plans will still have access to their versions and can share them.

Once you delete an itinerary, this action cannot be undone. However, you can contact us to request the restoration of a deleted itinerary.

Finding kid-friendly activities that your kids would love

14. How can I bookmark activities I'm interested in?


Every activity featured on our website includes a save icon located at the top right corner. You can access your list of saved activities by navigating to the 'Saved Activities' page, which is accessible from the profile menu.

15. How can I enter my children's details?


We strongly advise entering your children's information so we can suggest activities tailored to their personalities, ages, and interests. You can access the kids' information page directly from the city homepage.

16. How can I report any issues or concerns to you?


If you notice something incorrect that you'd like to bring to our attention, simply locate the report button at the bottom right of each review or tip tile. Once you've reported it, we'll review the issue and take action within 1-2 business days.

17. I'm unable to find a specific activity. Is it possible for me to submit a new activity myself?


Absolutely! You have the option to add new activities for our review. Once you submit a new activity, it will be added to the database within 1-2 business days, unless we find it unsuitable for family trips or if the activity is already in our system.

18. How can I locate reviews that are suitable for my children?


You can filter reviews by age range directly from the city homepage.

19. How can I see existing reviews and how can I submit a new review?


To review any activity in our database, click on the chat bubble icon next to the activity. This will open an overlay screen displaying all tips and reviews for that activity.

If you want to submit your own review, click on the 'Add review' button to share your own feedback. Our reviews are unique because you'll need to specify the children who attended the activity and provide individual ratings for each child, rather than a general rating.

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