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Introducing: FunDay App

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

As parents, we are eager to provide the best experiences for our families, especially our children.

We feel the urgency to cherish their first precious years and fill their memories with amazing experiences which will hopefully last for their entire life but finding a good activity for all our children is not easy.

New York City offers a lot and there are so many options and there’s always the fear of getting stuck with something they don’t enjoy.

Getting out with the kids can be stressful and not fun for parents, but it also means that children could be spending all their time in front of screens instead of having an enriching experience outside.

Not to mention the diversity of opinions that might come with not just one, but two or more kids. You might have a group of children all wanting different experiences!

If you're a parent struggling with ways to come up with engaging experiences for your family, keep reading, FunDay will help you plan a fun day with your kids.

What is FunDay?

FunDay is a free new app built for parents, by parents. It solves the problem parents face when they're looking for things to do that their kids would love, but are struggling to quickly find relevant options.

FunDay provides you with a list of ideas tailored to your children's age and interests, curated by a team that cares about family experiences, relieving you from the stress and pressure of having to come up with the perfect plan yourself.

How does FunDay app work?

First the parents select the categories of the things their kids like to do. And FunDay has a lot of unqiue categories that you can choose from. Instantly, the app provides the parents with options of things to do and full days plans. The more you use the app, our AI-powered algorithm adjusts the results and finds the best experiences for you and your family.

It’s now easier than ever to find the best events that are suited for kids! You can now also look for and book venues, activities, and other events which are of interest to your children's preferences.

Download FunDay now and create memories with your family that will last a lifetime for free. Have the most fun with your kids, while they're still kids.

Available now in both the Appstore and Google Playstore.


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