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Complete Playground Is The Ultimate Fun!

In our quest to find fun venues in New York City, we discovered Complete Playground, located in the financial district area.

Complete Playground is a brand-new, 40,000-square-foot STEAM-based play area, featuring an obstacle course, bounce house, tunnels, and interactive and movement-based technology areas.

We had planned to stay for only one hour, but ended up staying for over three hours, and the kids wanted to stay even longer. We give this place our top rating of 5+ stars. The kids couldn't have been more engaged and entertained.

Complete Playground's goal is to have activities for everyone. They want all kids to feel safe and have fun while they learn and grow. They believe in being kind, including everyone, and working together. They want families and the community to connect so they can help every child do their best.

The Obsticle Course.

The obstacle course at Complete Playground is an action-packed adventure zone designed to challenge and excite young children. This dynamic course features a series of engaging obstacles, encouraging kids to climb, crawl, jump, and maneuver their way through various challenges.

Children can navigate the obstacle course at their own pace, testing their skills and pushing their limits in a supportive and supervised environment. Trained staff members are on hand to provide guidance and encouragement, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for all participants.

The Bounce House.

The Bounce House at Complete Playground is a thrilling and energetic attraction designed to delight young children. This inflatable structure offers a bouncy and buoyant experience, inviting kids to jump, bounce, and play to their heart's content.

The Climbing Wall.

The climbing wall at Complete Playground is a vibrant and dynamic feature designed to inspire adventure and physical activity. Spanning a colorful and textured surface, the climbing wall offers children an exciting opportunity to challenge themselves and reach new heights in a safe and supervised environment.


Little-City at Complete Playground is a dedicated play area designed specifically for younger children. This space is tailored to meet the developmental needs and interests of toddlers and preschoolers, providing a safe and engaging environment for them to explore, play, and interact with others.

The Technology Room.

In the Interactive Technology Area, children can explore interactive games and activities that stimulate their cognitive abilities, problem-solving skills, and creativity.

The Sensory Room.

At Complete Playground, their commitment to inclusivity sets them apart from other play areas. The Sensory Room has been medically proven to enhance cognitive development, aid in emotional regulation, improve focus and concentration, and refine motor and social skills.

If you're heading to the financial district area with your little ones, make sure to visit Complete Playground!


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