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Searching for Kid-Friendly Things to Do in New York City

Updated: May 30

You've booked a trip to New York City for the whole family and now you're seeking kid-friendly activities and experiences. How do you go about crafting your itinerary? Naturally, you begin by examining the tourist map, familiarizing yourself with the various neighborhoods, pinpointing your hotel's location, and identifying relevant attractions in each area.

The FunDay team has meticulously curated the most enjoyable kid-friendly experiences across different areas: Midtown, Uptown, Downtown, around Central Park, around Times Square, around Rockefeller Center, and of course, Queens and Brooklyn. But that's not all— we've also integrated a filtering system for each area based on kid-friendly categories.

For instance, you can specifically search for indoor gaming experiences in Midtown Manhattan or kid-friendly dessert spots in uptown Manhattan. At FunDay, our mission is to provide parents with the fastest route to planning their next family adventure, ensuring it's suitable, achievable, and packed with fun for their kids.

Ready? Let's explore the different neighborhoods of New York City and discover the most fun kid-friendly experiences it has to offer.


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