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New Travel Itinerary Builder for Parents

Updated: May 30

FunDay is a travel itinerary builder designed for anyone who is planning family trips with kids.

​Planning a family trip to a new city can feel a bit overwhelming, especially when you want to make sure your kids have a great time and make lasting memories. The tricky part is knowing where to begin and finding activities that suit your family's unique preferences. ​Existing itineraries are just too generic, and creating your own can take an eternity.

With Funday, say goodbye to the struggle. Discover a large pool of parent-approved travel itineraries – your launchpad for the perfect family escapade. Save the ones that speak to you and dive into effortless customization to align with your family's unique interests and needs.

Flexibility is key. Switch activities with ease.

Remove activities you've conquered or that don't resonate with your crew. Infuse your personality into the plan.

Add activities tailored to your family's specific interests.

Be the maestro of your adventure – move activities between days, rearrange the order, or extend the journey with additional days.

Validate your itinerary anytime to catch any mismatches, ensuring every activity suits your kids' ages.

Once your masterpiece is complete, share it with fellow parents, and watch the magic happen.

Feedback from those who've been there, done that is invaluable!

Did we mention? Funday won't cost you a dime.

Say hello to stress-free family travel with Funday – where every trip is an epic adventure waiting to happen!


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