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Best Immersive Experiences for Kids in Washington DC!

Updated: Jun 5

Are you looking for the best kid-friendly activities in DC? We have curated for you some of the most fun, coolest and new experiences in the city, some of them are even not yet operational, you can just join their wait list. Let's start!

Immerse yourself in a high-intensity challenge on this escape room adventure in Washington DC. The Georgetown venue offers five different scenarios, including a pirate adventure, a mummy’s tomb, and the Titanic. Work with your team to find clues, solve the puzzles, and break free. Unlike many escape rooms, the games here avoid being too scary or dark, making it a great choice for families with young teens.

One part scavenger hunt, one part escape room, and one part urban crawl. Can you escape your city? Search for real-world clues, solve puzzles, and discover your city with an experience you will never forget! Follow the storyline around town as you find clues and use them to crack codes. Then enter solutions on the app to find out where to go next. Clues can be anywhere - murals, statues, landmarks, and more! Plan on about two hours of play time, depending on experience level and how much time you spend exploring along the way. Difficulty level is adjustable - take as many or as few hints as you’d like!

Duration: about 45 minutes, though Guests are welcome to stay longer!

Location: 5333 Wisconsin Ave NW, Washington, DC 20015

Age requirement: all ages are welcome! Children under 15 must be accompanied by an adult

After welcoming over 250,000 guests in London and Madrid, Dopamine Land has finally arrived in the United States. Open now in DC, Dopamine Land is a colorful multimedia and multisensory event that is not to be missed. Discover and explore 10 playful rooms that will surprise your senses and awaken the imagination of your inner child. Which room will trigger the most dopamine for you?

Duration: 5–5.5 hours, including a lunch break

Location: Smithsonian Natural Museum of Natural History

Accessibility: the venue is wheelchair accessible

Get the most from your visit to the Smithsonian by taking this private combo tour that mixes natural marvels with iconic artists. This 5 to 5.5 hour private guided museum combo tour will introduce you to the National Museum of Natural History and the National Gallery of Art to discover their most impressive pieces. Start at the National Museum of Natural History, where your private guide will take you to visit the highlights of the collection, housed in a massive building that covers the area of 18 football fields. After a break for lunch, move to the National Gallery of Art, and follow your guide through one of America’s best collections of artwork produced by Renaissance artists, French Impressionists, and great American painters. By the end, you’ll have experienced two of the Smithsonian’s most spectacular galleries in one convenient tour.

Date: coming soon!

Duration: approx. 60-90 minutes

Location: a central location in Washington DC to be announced soon

Age requirements: suitable for all ages! Minors must be accompanied by an adult

Bubble World is an immersive experience in which you'll surround yourself with bubbles like never before! Step into a planet beyond your imagination with VR technology, themed rooms, fantastical landscapes, and even a hot air balloon flight simulator. Jump from one immersive space to the next and explore them all with your five senses!

Date: coming soon!

Age requirement: all ages welcome 

Location: a secret location in Washington DC

The Art of the Brick is the best-known LEGO® art exhibition in the world. After touring several cities and entering CNN's list of "Must-See" exhibitions, it has finally arrived in Washington DC. Critically acclaimed, the collection features works by artist Nathan Sawaya which are made from millions of LEGO® bricks.


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