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The Perfect Day With the Kids in New York City

Updated: Jan 11

Traveling with kids can be challenging. I know that from experience. I have three kids of my own, and everyone likes different things. It's difficult for us, the parents, to satisfy all their needs in a single trip.

Here's an idea for the perfect combination of a day of shopping and sightseeing around Rockefeller Center in midtown Manhattan.

Start with Magnolia Bakery

Start the day with a great muffin! For more than 25 years, Magnolia Bakery has been making America’s favorite baked goods the old-fashioned way: from scratch in small batches and using the finest ingredients. You will start the day energized, tasting masterpieces.

Continue to FAO Schwarz

Continue to the famous toy store FAO Schwarz. It’s a magical experience for kids of any age, from dancing to the big piano keyboard (and you can make some awesome TikTok clips running on that piano), to seeing oversized stuffed, to a massive selection of board games and so much more. I went with my kids there a few times and they literally didn’t want to leave the store, just exploring every corner and having tons of fun.

Then, Continue to the Lego Store Fifth Avenue

Continue to the Lego Store. Now, the kids are starting to enjoy the concept of hopping from one toy store to another. And Lego store on Fifth Avenue provides so many interesting experiences to all ages. The Brick Lab is an experience that brings walls, floors, and ceilings to life with interactive animated content, lighting, sound, and music to invite kids into a virtual world that plays right along with them.

The Mosaic Maker is a unique experience that captures your kids’ imagination and creates their own personalized LEGO mosaic portrait in just a few minutes. Who doesn’t want that?

And the Minifigure factory allows them to design and create a unique LEO Minifigure, the perfect souvenir for your visit.

Then, For Sports Fans, Visit the NBA Store

Continue to the NBA store. At this hall of hoops, ballers can salute their favorite teams and find NBA and WNBA merchandise. Fans will want to bring home bobblehead dolls or autographed jerseys.

Visit Sugarfina

Continue to a stylish candy store for the older kids. This is a luxury boutique offering the finest candies and gourmet gifts from artisans all over the world, packaged beautifully with love.

Do you want more shopping and gaming experiences? You got it.

Mix with Some Gaming Experience at the Nintendo World Store

Continue and enter Nintendo World. Kids can try a

hand at rescuing Princess Peach or battling Browser on the demo systems throughout the 10,000-square-foot store.

Now, when the kids filled their appetite with shopping and gaming, continue to St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

Continue to St. Patrick’s Cathedral

St. Patrick's Cathedral is clad in marble and has several dozen-stained glass windows. It measures 332 feet long, with a maximum width of 174 feet, an absolute masterpiece of beauty and something that the kids will be amazed to see.

End the Day with Riding the Roosevelt Island Tram

Finally, go to the Tram to take you to Roosevelt Island. The entrance is on 2nd avenue and 60 street. The cost of the ride is the same as a subway ride, and the views from up in the air when you cross Manhattan to Roosevelt Island are absolutely breathtaking. Prepare your camera. The ride is less than 5 minutes and on the other side, you can enjoy the promenade and the views of the city and its skyscrapers.

You can find more day plans like this by downloading the FunDay app. We started in New York City and will expand soon to other cities.

Come join us and save time by letting us plan your day for you!

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