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Famous Public Art that Teens Would Love to See in New York City

Exploring public art is a great way to enhance your family vacation and create wonderful family experiences. Here is a list of my top public art spots to go with your teens.

1. Mother Teresa and Gandhi Mural by Kobra

Address: 516-500 W 18th St, New York

Humanitarians Mother Teresa and Mahatma Gandhi Brazilian are depicted facing each other in street artist Eduardo Kobra's colorful harlequin-pattern mural.

Mother Teresa and Gandhi Mural by Kobra

2. Sky Reflector-Net

Location: Fulton Center in Lower Manhattan

Sky Reflector-Net, a 79-foot-tall sculpture, harnesses natral light and brings it deep into the Fulton Center.

Sky Reflector-Net

3. Hope Sculpture

Location: 810 7th Ave b/t 53rd St & 52nd St, New York City

Robert Indiana's $3 million, 13-foot tall, 3-ton pop art sculpture "Hope"

Hope Sculpture

4. Kneeling Fireman Statue

Location: 6 E 43rd St, New York

The "Kneeling Fireman", a bronze statue stands nine feet tall, is one of NYC's 1st memorials to 9/11

Kneeling Fireman Statue

5. Charging Bull

Location: Bowling Green, Financial District

When Black Monday struck in 1987, it inspired the artist Arturo Di Modica to create the Charging Bull as a gift to America, a sculpture symbolizing the prosperity and optimism in the face of hardship.

Charging Bull

6. Tom Otterness Real World Sculptures

Location: River Terrace and, Chambers St, New York

His whimsical miniature figures tell funny stories. But this brand of silly digs deep. His work surprises. That’s because Otterness explores human contradiction.

7. “Group of Four Trees,” Jean Dubuffet

Location: 1 Chase Manhattan Plaza (rebranded as 28 Liberty Street)

Made from aluminum and covered in fiberglass, and painted with squiggles and loops—is a whimsical counterpoint to Bunshaft’s modern skyscraper.

“Group of Four Trees,” Jean Dubuffet

8. We Love New York with Albert Einstein's Portrait by Kobra

Location: 298-200 W 21st St, New York

The mural is strentched over 3 stories house, and it shows Albert Einstein as graffitist who is painting "We love NY2".

We Love New York with Albert Einstein's Portrait by Kobra

9. Fearless Girl

Location: 2-26 Broad St, New York

Fearless Girl is a bronze sculpture by Kristen Visbal, located across the New York Stock Exchange Building. It was installed on March 2017, in anticipation of International Women's Day the following day. It depicts a 4-foot high girl promoting female empowerment.

Fearless Girl

10. The Big Button

Location: Fashion Ave, New York, NY 10018

Playfully representing the theme of the neighborhood it sits in, The Garment District, the newly unveiled “The Big Button” sculpture aims to tell the tale of this historic area.

The Big Button


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